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Mec-a-tec services ltd

Can Handling Conveyor Systems

Mec-A-Tec Services was established in 1988 and moved to our current premises in 1989, enjoying steadily expanding growth and facilities since. The company specialises in the mechanical handling industry, predominantly in 2-piece & 3-piece can and metal packaging handling equipment, with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. All systems and solutions are designed in-house with Mec-A-Tec’s specialist team of design engineers. We provide full design, manufacture, and installation of technical solutions for a range of mechanical, vacuum, magnetic and air conveying equipment.

Trackwork & Conveyance




Full design, manufacture, and installation of technical solutions across a range of conveying equipment. From small to large-scale contracts, delivering major turnkey projects for leading can and metal packaging manufacturers worldwide.

Mechanical Conveying Systems

We manufacture a variety of mechanical conveying, including straight running, slat conveying, side flexing, elevators, mass conveying, single filing and bi-directional. All of which are tailored to your needs.

Air Conveying Systems

Air powered conveying for high speed 2-piece aluminum, steel can and cup handling. Horizontal, vertical and gravity air powered systems.

Vacuum Conveying Systems

Predominantly 2-piece and 3-piece aluminium beverage cans. Vacuum lowerator, turnover, ski-slope, transfer, single lane elevators, conveyors and finished can inspections systems.

Can Trackwork

Here at Mec-A-Tec we manufacture can twists, drop in boots, can gates, and sweeps for machine infeed and discharges. Our expertise in the field is considerable, with several skilled trackwork engineers on our staff.

Modular Conveying Equipment

We can provide you with your own purpose-built modular units to enable factory standardisation across the world. Manufactured to your specification alongside our experience with the aim to increase productivity, maximise efficiency and reduce spoilage.

Special Purpose Equipment

Individual projects to suit your specialist requirements are undertaken by our expert in-house design team. All designs for specialist machinery are tailored to individual needs – including those for a variety of industries outside of the can handling area, including timber handling and crop distilling.

Manufacturing Resources




Modern factory premises covering over 20,000 sqft manufacturing facilities, including

SolidWorks and AutoCAD

LVD Laser Cutting

LVD Press Brake

Trumpf Punch Press

Stainless & Mild Steel Fabrication

Mechanical Assembly Workshops

In-House Powder Coater & finishing facilities

Installation Services


Installation Services

Installation Services

Mec-A-Tec Personnel are highly skilled, qualified engineers with a wide variety of engineering backgrounds. The majority of our workforce are involved with both the manufacture and installation of the equipment, this inclusion provides consistent results and quality on the finished product.

In addition Mec-A-Tec's fleet of vehicles ensures that our engineers are instantly mobile with all necessary equipment to hand.


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